Vacation Village, Cap Camarat, France, 1960s
(J. Renaudie, P. Riboulet, G. Thurnauer, J.L. Veret) undr:

Fan Ho
Twins Alley 2011 oxane:

Robert Zandvliet, Untitled, 2008
egg tempera on canvas127 x 144 cm nevver:

Hey, that’s my bike.

Anonymous asked: oppinion on body hair on girls

My opinion is I respect someone’s decision to do whatever they want with their body.
My preference however, is well shaven everywhere and either totally shaved between the legs or well trimmed. Of all places, pit hair is the least unpleasant to me. Leg hair is a bit of a turn off.

KOSOVO. 2008. French soldiers patrol the divided city of Mitrovica. Christopher Anderson

"Many miners are migrants coming from rural areas to take better paid jobs. Unlike countries who have a long history in coal mining like the US or Britain, these workers do not have a mining background and therefore have not a developed mining culture. Without this support, the experience can prove isolating for the workers and difficult esspecially in terms of health and safety awareness. The government has problems ensuring that mines adhere to the regulations that they have set out. Smaller mines tend to have the worst safety standards. Datong, China." Ian Teh


dark dark dark


Ksenia Tsykunova nipponinspiration:

Playing Baseball in Yokohama Port, Kanagawa 
Kimura Ihee, 1958

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