it feels good to be back in the darkroom again, here’s a quick scan of a contact sheet i printed today for my first darkroom II assignment on the topic of dreams and fantasy (plus two family photos lol ignore those)
i’m thinking of printing the images of leaves and foliage as borders around my self portraits if i can work some darkroom magic just to incorporate the organic nature of fantasy into the series, but this is just the beginnings of the project so we’ll see where it ends up.
i’ve currently got three rolls of vista in the film drying cabinet so new color work is coming very soon i promise :) 

these look beautiful


I always reblog this one.  I like it.

The Members of a Gun Party, 1965 (2005), McDermott & McGough.

RJ Shaughnessy

I’m so fucking unhappy and frustrated right now.


that boy you just called gay? well he is gay. he’s your boyfriend. both of you are gay. how do you keep forgetting this, jeffery

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Nan Goldin meets Yukio Kobayashi: Naked New Yorkphotographed by Nan Goldin Matsuda Autumn/Winter 1996
“I was surrounded by drug abuse. It was something that was always there.The editor, the photographer, everybody was smoking or shooting drugs, so it was natural for me. I just thought that was the way things worked. Did I shoot heroin? No, I sniffed it….I looked so skinny, with black circles under my eyes. It makes me sick, so sick, that’s what they wanted….My habit became a full-time job….It cost money but I had money. If you give a 15-year-old thousands of dollars, she’s going to buy lots of shoes, clothes – whatever she is into at the time. Magazines will talk shit about you but they’ll still book you.”
- Jaime King

Initial D miata roadster engine

Bryan LeungHuman Flow, 2013

people like you need to fuck people like meby Tracey Emin